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About Tryker Healthcare

TRYKER Healthcare established by the group of engineers and biomedical experts having experience of more than 23 years to provide the best service and have a very clear vision to be the first well known EPC company in India  & Africa, countries such as Ghana, Togo, Ivorycoast having company representative . We also want to provide world best health care solution and supply to hospitals in India and Africa specially Ghana and Ivorycoast. Our motto is to be the best medical equipment supplier in Ghana and Ivorycoast.

Our Specialty

  1. Manufacture of medical equipment and accessories.
  2. Team of Bio-medical engineer for after sales services.
  3. Expert in modular OT, NICU, Medical Furniture, Medical Consumable and accessories.
  4. Branch Offices in West Africa Countries such as Togo, Ghana, Senegal, Ivorycoast.
  5. Design And supply of IVF Labs.
  6. Construction and design of hospitals.

Mission & Vision

In Africans countries Ghana, Togo, Ivorycoast and many other countries are away from medical technology and specially after sales services of medical equipment. Company has Vision to place medical technology at the most reasonable price and good sales services.

Our Motto is to be the best well known medical supplier Ghana, Togo, Ivorycoast.

An Incredible Tryker International Sales & Service Team

“Customer is our god” we ensure the best service all the time.


Chief Service Engineer – West africa

An Awesome Team of tryker Group

Think Medical & Think Us.

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